At p&p, we love fashion. It’s really as simple as that. But more importantly, we truly believe (as our favorite quote states) that “Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.” That’s why we’re proud to design products that are not only must-haves in the fashion department, but are also ultra-comfortable, wearable and affordable....The recipe for awesome styling if you ask us.

We’re also firm believers that style is incredibly personal....That’s what makes it so amazing! Your style is a way to illustrate who you are without words. So while we want you to love (and wear endlessly) every p&p product you buy, we are counting on you to style them in a way that is uniquely yours. 

The awesome news is that there are lots of gorgeous peach & pepper products to choose from.....everything from crush-worthy kimonos to unique tops and tanks, easy-to-wear pants and leggings to beautiful, comfortable, can't-miss dresses...and there’s always more in the works. But the best part? Everything is designed and sewn in beautiful Colorado (which is a seriously inspiring place to be). How great is that?! Local and lovely....What could be better?

And if you’re wondering about the meaning behind our name, let’s just say there’s a little peach and a little pepper in all of us. We’ve each got a sweet side (you know her... all eyelashes and pretty pleases) but there’s absolutely no denying the spice that comes out after one too many margaritas. 

So that’s peach & pepper....Femininity with a little edge, just like us. Its our mission to offer lifestyle clothing with boho flair that you’ll love and love to live in. It’s all about loving life & style. And everything’s just ripe for the wearing.